Using DIABLO with only one outcome

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Issue #167 resolved
Kia Adams created an issue


I am trying to use DIABLO to analyze 16S rRNA data and metabolomics data from samples that were all collected from one time point. When I define outcome Y, it does not recognize the column I specify. Thus when I summarize it, I get length 0, class: null, mode: null. Then when I run block.splsda on my data I get "error in [<- (tmp, classification == groups[j], j, value = 1): subscript out of bounds. I am unsure on how to resolve this error.

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  1. Al J Abadi

    Hi Kia, sorry we’re getting back to you now as we had not realised we have not updated our issues page on Bioconductor (we’re now on GitHub).

    if you do not have more than one group then you cannot run a discriminatory analysis and should consider spls or block.spls depending on your data. Please refer to the vignette and match the biological question to the method context carefully.

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