variable plots for sparse methods

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Issue #24 resolved
Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner created an issue

By default the variable plots include all variables selected by the entire model (i.e. on all comp).

the problem is that we may run: object = spls(X, Y, ncom p =3, keepX=c(10,10,10) When we do plotVar(object, comp = c(1,2)) it will also show the 10 variables selected on comp = 3.

Note: this is for plotVar in particular, but it might be the same for CIM, network etc)

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  1. Kim-Anh Le Cao reporter

    En resume: 1 - ne representer que les variables selectionnees sur les composantes specifiees par l utilisateur (e.g. si comp = c(1,3) alors on ne represente que les variables selectionnees sur 1 et 3.

    2 - Comme reporte precedemment, le code plotVar meriterait d'etre condensé.

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