cim plot for spls canonical mode

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Issue #38 resolved
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Previously plot cim plot for spls canonical model will plot a heatmap of canonical correlation between the variables. I think in the new version something is changed? because now I see a color key with 1.2 maximum. Previously the max color key never go above 1.

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  1. Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner

    Hi, thanks for the feedback. Could you provide us with a data example? And which mixOmics version were you using before so that we can compare the codes?

    Cheers, the mixOmics team

  2. Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner

    Hello, to follow up on this, and close the issue. A value > 1 may happen as we sum up correlations across several components (see formula in our paper in the section Pair-wise variable associations for PLS. It is possible that the values have changed slightly as we updated the PLS algorithm (that now converges).

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