network and par(mfrow)

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Issue #49 resolved
Florian Rohart created an issue

Seems like we cannot combine par(mfrow) and network.


X <- nutrimouse$lipid
Y <- nutrimouse$gene
nutri.res <- rcc(X, Y, ncomp = 3, lambda1 = 0.064, lambda2 = 0.008)

network(nutri.res, comp = 1:3, threshold = 0.6)

then the network is bottom right left, even though the key is still top left and nothing has been plotted on the previous partition of the graph.

I think we either need to be able to combine several networks on the same figure (so using par(mfrow) correctly should plot the network back to back) or imposing only one network per graph whatever the par(mfrow)

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  1. fbartolo

    I think the easiest is the imposimg only one network per graph. But I can try to combine several networks.

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