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Issue #59 new
Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner created an issue
  • fix bitbucket with KA

  • create a package dependency mixOmics-data

  • seems that perf.plsda does not run, possibly in the case where nzv = TRUE

  • plotLoadings for PCA

  • plot.tune legend as a side legend ( mar(..))

  • double check plotIndiv(style = '3d') with a col input (some issues during mixOmics workshop)

  • perf.spls regression should be a tune.spls regression?

  • network on a block.spls 'solved' but needs to be checked

  • examples in all mint.block functions and check all class in \value{} in those functions

  • proper examples for mint.pls and mint.spls must be given (I removed the ones currently in as they include Y discrete outcome). See end of my script attached furtherTestingJune2016

  • most of the mint.block and block. .Rd files are repetitive. Wonder if we could use some alias to avoid copy paste. Same for tune?

  • do we need to import parallel?

  • potentially some overlap between tune and tune.multilevel. .Rd files and R function to check and clean up

  • MINT.pca


  • block.pls may need a ridge penalty
  • canonical, invariant etc mode for a block.plsda / block.splsda.mint.block.splsda and mint.block.plsda?

Comments (47)

  1. Florian Rohart
    • tune. functions (e.g. mint),tune.mint$choice.keepX should output the keepX number, as tune.mint$selectedvar should output what is current there (website to then be updated)

    tune.mint$choice.keepX.constraint gives which variables were selected while tune.splsda$choice.keepX gives the keepX number. Reason is we have two kinds of tuning process: either the variables or the number of variables

  2. Florian Rohart

    We need to find a better way to report a list of issues like that, cause this is the worst to follow up

  3. Florian Rohart

    plus: reusing an issue that was a long list of fixed issues make us lose track of all the solved issues. I'd suggest an issue per issue instead of ever-changing lists.

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