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Issue #64 resolved
Kim-Anh Le Cao repo owner created an issue
  • perf with nrepeat. done f07735d
  • tune.(mint).splsda with either keepX and keepX.constraint. done 41895dc and adced38 (and a few updates)
  • ROC/AUC plots for splsda objects? done b702973, f07735d, 58e85c8
  • plots from tune objects (see code on manuscript as attached, chunk 8) . done 2395931
  • one sided t-test to reduce tuning? see shiny codes from BG : NOT NOW
  • how to do tune for Diablo -> Florian

In addition: * testing scripts for AUC (now called auroc) and tune -> FB

  • we need to improve plot.tune and plot.perf, see separate email with codes and comments and RData ->FB

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