Error: perf function randomly returning NaNs/NAs for MSEP, R2

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Issue #85 resolved
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I am attempting to use the perf function to tune using 10-fold crossvalidation. I noticed that the function sometimes randomly returns NaNs/NAs when calculating the R2 or MSEP. At times, the output is a matrix of values, at other times, it is instead full of NAs--all when using identical inputs and parameters. None of my input data contains any missing values.

I am simply running the following lines of code:

pls_class_16S=pls(table16Sclass,predmat16S,ncomp=2,mode=c("regression"), spls_class_16S=spls(table16Sclass,predmat16S,ncomp=2,keepX=c(10,10),mode=c("regression"),

tune.pls_class_16S=perf(pls_class_16S,validation="Mfold",folds=10,progressBar=FALSE,criterion = 'all',nrepeat=50) tune.spls_class_16S=perf(spls_class_16S,validation="Mfold",folds=10,progressBar=FALSE,criterion = 'all',nrepeat=50)

tune.pls_class_16S$ tune.spls_class_16S$

tune.pls_class_16S$R2 tune.spls_class_16S$R2

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  1. Florian Rohart

    Hi there,

    A bug that is randomly appearing is hard to identify and solve. What are the dimension of your data (table16Sclass, predmat16S)? It seems to be data-dependent (as first time it's been reported), and I would guess it's probably -once in a while- a fold is created and contains NA after scaling. Who you be ok sending the data to us, only for debugging purpose ?

    Otherwise, do you have the same problem when you perform Leave-One-Out?

  2. Seaver Wang

    dim(table16Sclass) [1] 23 68 dim(predmat16S) [1] 23 9

    Hi Florian. (I am the user who created this issue!) I would be happy to send this data to you for debugging purposes. Do you have an email or file sharing account I can send it to?

    Leave-One-Out appears to work with no problems. I have tried leave-one-out cross-validation multiple times and it appears to not produce this issue.

    tune.pls_class_16S=perf(pls_class_16S,validation="loo",progressBar=FALSE,criterion = 'all') tune.spls_class_16S=perf(spls_class_16S,validation="loo",progressBar=FALSE,criterion = 'all')

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