Incorporate prototype-topology package

Issue #19 resolved
Jason Vander Heiden created an issue

It's probably about time to move the tree topology analysis code into alakazam, either in v0.2.1 or v0.2.2.

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  1. Jason Vander Heiden reporter

    Started on this. Major things that need doing:

    1. Update to igraph >= 1.0 function names and arguments.
    2. Swap all plyr and reshape2 code for dplyr and tidyr code.
    3. Remove all non-standard evaluation.
    4. Flesh out docs and examples.
    5. Write a vignette.
    6. Tests and testing.
  2. Jason Vander Heiden reporter

    1-4 are done. We could probably replace the ExampleTree data with a more interesting set, but it's not critical.

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