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I wonder if it would be possible for alakazam to require a somewhat lower version of R than 3.1.2. For instance, the current Ubuntu LTS has 3.0.2, which would make dockerizing things much easier.


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  1. Jason Vander Heiden

    The problem is the dependencies. Alakazam itself should work fine with R>=3.0, if you change the dependency version in the DESCRIPTION fine. However, both the current release of ggplot2 and dplyr require R>=3.1, so if you try to install via CRAN you'll get the "dplyr is not available for R 3.0.2" message, and then have to dig through the CRAN archived releases to find which version, if any, of dplyr and ggplot2-2.X will build on R 3.0.2.

    If this is a system you have control over, my suggestions would be to add the CRAN Ubuntu builds to your apt sources:

    And use that to update R to a current release... R 3.0.2 is creeping up on 3 years old at this point anyway.

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