NA row for geneCounts() on d_call

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Scott Christley created an issue

Using immcantation/suite:4.1.0 docker image, the attached AIRR TSV input file, run with this

db <- airr::read_rearrangement('vdjserver1.airr.tsv')
genes <- countGenes(db, gene='d_call', group='repertoire_id', mode='gene', copy='duplicate_count')
write.table(genes, row.names=F, sep='\t', file='d_gene_usage.tsv')

produces NA row in the output, based upon the count it seems to be the rearrangements with a blank d_call

"repertoire_id" "gene"  "seq_count" "copy_count"    "seq_freq"  "copy_freq"
"5325894209612354026-242ac113-0001-012" "TRBD1" 81387   132975  0.472979491262429   0.473424499517586
"5325894209612354026-242ac113-0001-012" "TRBD2" 49013   80938   0.284838411604377   0.288159670178262
"5325894209612354026-242ac113-0001-012" NA  41673   66966   0.242182097133193   0.238415830304152

The AIRR TSV was generated by IgBlast, though the data has been uploaded then downloaded from the VDJServer’s ADC API.

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  1. Jason Vander Heiden

    Ah, I see. It must be counting “NA” as a gene. I can’t decide whether that’s good or bad. It seems like it might be desirable to know how much missing data you have. What’s your preference?

  2. Scott Christley reporter

    I agree, it sounds like it might be nice to know about missing data. It’s reassuring to see the totals add up to the expected. I wonder though if any programs would get confused and blindly display/graph it thinking it's a real gene? They would have to know to exclude.

    I actually filed the issue because c_call throws an error in this case. So my preference is the NA versus an exception, but regardless the behavior should be the same for all.

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