install_dep.R finds two versions of alakazam, warns version could not be detected then test server set up fails

Issue #30 resolved
ssnn created an issue

@Jason Vander Heiden This affects shazam and packages that use installDep.R. Not sure what we can easily do. Probably the problem will disappear when we fix the bugs and submit the brown bags.

installDep uses the package versions to find the version of alakazam and shazam to install.

versions::available.versions calls current.versions, which finds two available versions of alakazam submitted the same day:

> tarballs[idx]
[1] "alakazam_0.2.11.tar.gz" "alakazam_0.3.0.tar.gz" 

So it ends returning nothing. This is current.versions. length(idx) is 2.

function (pkg) 
    current_url <- sprintf("%s/src/contrib", versions:::latest.MRAN())
    lines <- versions:::url.lines(current_url)
    lines <- lines[grep("^<a href=\"*", lines)]
    tarballs <- gsub(".*href=\"([^\"]+)\".*", "\\1", lines)
    dates <- gsub(".*  ([0-9]+-[a-zA-Z]+-[0-9]+) .*", "\\1", 
    dates <- as.Date(dates, format = "%d-%b-%Y")
    idx <- grep(sprintf("^%s_.*.tar.gz$", pkg), tarballs)
    if (length(idx) == 1) {
        versions <- tarballs[idx]
        versions <- gsub(sprintf("^%s_", pkg), "", versions)
        versions <- gsub(".tar.gz$", "", versions)
        dates <- dates[idx]
    else {
        warning(sprintf("The current version and publication date of %s could not\n                     be detected", 
        versions <- dates <- NA
    df <- data.frame(version = versions, date = as.character(dates), 
                     stringsAsFactors = FALSE)

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  1. Jason Vander Heiden

    I suspect this is just a problem with CRAN mirrors being out of sync. Let’s wait a couple days and see.

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