Does not work at all

Issue #321 duplicate
Fernando Setien
created an issue

Just install, Runs but does not show nothing.

With the lastest update from today.

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  1. greyelf

    What operating system (brand, version, edition, 32/64 bit) are you using?

    Are there any error messages within your operating system's event/error logging system?

    When you say 'latest update' do you mean the latest beta version (2.1.0b5) or the latest released version (2.0.11)?

    If it was the beta version, do you also have a copy of the released version installed?

    If you also have the released version installed, did you try to install the beta version within that same folder as the released version?

  2. Fernando Setien reporter

    Ok, version 32bits 2.0.11 installed and working, version beta5 installed over and not working, On Windows 10 64bits.

    It looks some error with locale (spanish computer) Sin título.jpg

    Historia means = Story Rigth now there is a folder called story but not Historia. Sin título2.jpg

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