It fails to store stories, when reopening twine 2, stories are no longer there

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I think this is a problem derivated of the change of directory for stories in other languages installations.

Twine 2 fails to preserve any story, imported or newly created.

If I change the directory to Historias so it runs past the blank screen, the tool keeps failing to keep stories and when looking for my stories in the directory structure I found this:

Historias/ with the stories inside. Stories/ empty.

My system is: Win10 x64

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  1. rubereaglenest reporter

    versión 2.1.0b5

    LEt me ask a questions. Probably the issue with the prolematic translation of the stories directory is already solved in the master branch. If I download the non-stable beta version, may I have that problem solved?


  2. rubereaglenest reporter

    Ok, don't mind me, I solved it.

    I failed to see the "language" option at the start screen. So, I've changed the app to english, tried to store some changes, and it fails.

    But then I've come to the stories directories, I assured to delete the old "historias" directory, so only the proper "stories" directory remains at "Documents/Twine/". And tried to make changes, adding new nodes and modified some text. and YES it works now!!!

    So, if anyone has the same problem saving their stories in any language the solution is this:

    1) change to english. 2) delete all directories that are not "Stories" in the "Twine" one, but assure that your stories are stored first in the "Stories directory".


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