Automatic creation of new passages fails when clicking dialog overlay

Issue #382 resolved
Pierre K.
created an issue

When I enter the code for a new passage

[[My new passage]] 

I see a link from the precedent passage with the infamous red cross at it's end.

I then have to create the new passage manually... and after that all the links seams to be in order.

This appends either in the online version (with last versions of Chrome or Firefox) or in the installed Linux 64 one.

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  1. Chris Klimas repo owner

    Sorry, I'm not able to reproduce this. Here's what I'm doing-- using the online version with Chrome 58 in an incognito window since it'll hopefully cut down on other differences between our systems.

    1. Click Skip to go to the story list.
    2. Create a new story.
    3. Edit the first passage so that its text reads [[a]].
    4. Close the passage editor.

    When I do this, I get a passage underneath named "a".

  2. Kate W

    I'm having the same issue using an English system, so I don't think the language is impacting anything. When I try typing the text that reads a into one of my passages, I'm greeted with the red X that indicates a broken link, even though the link is set up as directed. I'm using the Chrome online version 2.1.3, build 201705012125, if that helps you any. The issue is unchanged in incognito mode.

  3. Chris Klimas repo owner

    I tried changing my language to French and following the steps in my previous comment, but I'm still seeing it create a passage automatically.

    @Kate W, what do you mean by "even though the link is set up as directed"? Just want to clarify as to whether the new passage is ever created.

  4. Kate W

    I meant that the link to the next passage was set up with the double brackets, text describing the link to the next passage, and closing double brackets, identical to your example in an earlier response on step three of a description.

    When I put that into a story of mine (I've tested this both with a longer story I have and a new story I created for testing this), instead of creating a new passage on its own, the program will display the red "X" that indicates a broken link.

    To elaborate on what the reporter said, if you were to do the following steps, then no "X" is displayed and the two passages are linked: 1. Create a first passage 2. Create a second passage that the first one will be linked to, and title it as needed 3. Go back to first passage and include the link to the second passage

  5. Pierre K. reporter

    Good new, Chris ! I confirm that the new passage is created when clicking on the black cross in the online version. The bug is going to be a very little one : only a good habit to follow. Thanks for your diagnostic and advice.


    Pierre Kessler

  6. bowiz2

    Can confirm it also happens on the offline version of both on Linux and Windows 10, just in case anyone was wondering if it was platform-specific.

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