Chris Klimas committed 52c734a

Fix bug in initial gamepad setup

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 -- Extends:
 --		<Sprite>
-Gamepad = Sprite:extend{
+Gamepad = Sprite:extend
 	-- Property: number
 	-- The index of the gamepad, starting at 1.
 			-- set initial values for axes and balls
 			-- hat values are strings so nil comparisons are safe
-			-- axes are kind of tricky, it appears there is no set number of values
-			-- possible, but we'll just assume 3 at most
 			for i = 1, obj.numAxes do
-				obj.axes[i] = { 0, 0, 0 }
+				obj.axes[i] = 0
 			for i = 1, obj.numBalls do
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