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Issue #19 resolved

LoadLayers() into Group instead of View

created an issue

Proposal: The LoadLayers method should be a member of the Group class, or a special Map class that extends Group, instead of being in the view. Secondarily, that Map class be renamed to Tilemap to reduce ambiguity (it only handles tiles, not the full Tiled maptype.

Use Case: I would like to load a new map but preserve the same View. To do this I have to keep track of what layers are loaded by LoadLayers() and remove them individually before loading a new map. If they were in a group, this would already be done.

Suggestion: Extend Group as Map, moving the LoadLayers method to the Map class, along with providing a convenient place to put future Map features (I'm thinking serialization back into a .lua for one, and am already working on such). Rename current Map class as Tilemap.