This repository contains the modern Fortran source code for an implementation of the multiporosity flow model; a generalization of dual-porosity flow in low-permeability fractured rocks. (see "code" directory).

The input parameters are explained in input-explanation.txt

The program performs numerical Laplace transform inversion for the radially symmetric multiporosity flow solution (using modified Bessel functions). The program is free software (MIT license), which can essentially be used, modified, or redistributed for any purpose, given the license and acknowledgement of my authorship is left intact.

The repository also contains LaTeX source files, and figures used in the paper published in Water Resources Research on the same topic (main repository directory).

Kuhlman, K.L., B. Malama, & J.E. Heath, 2015. Multiporosity Flow in Fractured Low-Permeability Rocks, Water Resources Research, 51(2):848-860.

The draft manuscript can also be downloaded from the arXiv manuscript repository.

The source code is distributed as a collection of Fortran90/03 source files and a makefile. It can be compiled for unix/linux/mac with gfotran >= 4.6 installed in a typical location by just running



make driver

(these are equivalent).

You can compile a debugging version, with a few more checks and fewer optimizations using:

make debug_driver

On MS-Windows, you will need the mingw compilation environment (OpenMP doesn't work under mingw, though -- so single thread only) or the Intel Fortran compiler (which works and provides OpenMP as well). I have compiled my tools with the free mingw toolchain, and can either provide assistance setting this up, or provide you with a binary. There are a few settings in the makefile that must be changed to get it to compile using mingw (see comments there).