This package contains some little glue code to use nice Winpdb graphical python debugger for debugging sublime plugins.


Here is a little python snippet of

import sublime_plugin
import sys

class DebugExampleCommand(sublime_plugin.WindowCommand):

    def run(self, **kwargs):

        i = 4
        import spdb ; spdb.start()
        z = 5
winpdb will be launched, if not yet launched from Plugin Debugger. Each later call of this function sets a breakpoint. If winpdb (started from Plugin Debugger) has been terminated in between, it will be restarted.
sets a breakpoint. You need to have to attached debug client for using this.


If you start winpdb manually, use sublime as password for finding scripts on localhost.


Install this Package using Package Control.

Additionally to this package you have to install Winpdb from (or apt-get install winpdb on debian-like systems).


The only configuration option is plugin_debugger_python, which can be set in your User Settings file Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-sttings. This specifies the full path to your python installation, where you installed Winpdb. Please note, that this must be a python 2.x (2.7 recommended). You can also debug Python3 with this.

I recommend using Preferences Editor to set it ;) .

Test your installation

Run "Plugin Debugger: run debug_example (opens Debugger)" from command palette.

Your sublime text will freeze for few seconds and then will open a winpdb window ready for debugging DebugExampleCommand.

Module rpdb2 havily hooks into python interpreter, so if you really want to quit the debug session, you have to restart your sublime text.

Once Winpdb has opened, you should keep it open, because it will inform you on any uncaught exception. If you close winpdb, your sublime simply freezes on an uncaught exception (because it breaks on that exception), but you are not informed on this because of missing frontend.


There is a spdb snippet, which inserts:

import spdb ; spdb.start(0)


Please post bugs to

Known Issues

I tried to automatically unload rpdb2 library and undo all its hooking into python system, but failed till now.

I also tried to get a nice status bar message about loading the Plugin Debugger using Package Control's thread_progress, but I did not manage yet to run a thread unattended of the debugger yet (that it is not affected by setbreak call).

For now I will stop working on automatic unloading, because restarting sublime text after a debug session is fine for me (at least for now).


  • Add, for correct display of pyhton lib debugging.
  • Handle now also all Packages files, even if in .sublime-package files.
  • pre-import packages, which are imported by rpdb2, such that they are loaded from ST environment rather than from environment, where winpdb is installed
  • replace Plugin Debugger.sublime-settings by Preferences.sublime-settings for easier settings handling.
  • run external python from temporary directory, to prevent to have sublime text folder in modules path.


Kay-Uwe (Kiwi) Lorenz <> (

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