Can't open example file (because it doesn't exist)

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When I want to open the example file I get this message from winpdb:

Failed to load source file 'c:\program files\sublime text 3 portable beta\data\installed packages\plugin debugger.sublime-package\plugin debugger.sublime-package' from debuggee.
You may continue to debug, but you will not see 
source lines from this file.

I suppose it's because the file is in the zip archive and winpdb can't open it. You probably have to copy it elsewhere before opening it with winpdb or add file to your repo so that Package Control will unextract it.

Similarly, the menu entry in "Preferences > Package Settings > Plugin Debugger > view" does not work, even though it should even for zipped packages.

Only later I found out that the file doesn't exist in the first place.

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