Vintageous - Region To Selection

This plugin provides a command to convert a region to selections. User can navigate each part of region and decide to add or remove this part to/from selection or skip it.

This plugin also provides a command to create a region of all scopes like the scope under cursor and enters the selection mode.

Vintegeous Users: this plugin is configured to convert regions created by vi search to selection.

Same Scope Selection

Type ctrl+space (Vintageous: gs) anywhere. This xreates a region containing everything, which has same scope name(s), like scope(s) in current selection (under cursor).

If you type ctrl+alt+space (Vintageous: gS) the entire scope path from your selection(s) will be considered.

Then you can navigate through selection:

  • down (j, n) — add current region to selection and move to next part of region.
  • up (k, N) — remove current region from selection and move to previous part of region.
  • right (l) — move to next part of region.
  • left (h) — move to previous part of region.
  • a — select all parts of region.

If you are done with your selection:

  • ESC to exit selection mode.

Vintageous Search Support

If you have searched something with vi-search (/ key), you can type gH to enter selection mode. You can then navigate through region as described in Same Scope Selection.

If you want to quickly select all occurances found, you can type ga and ESC to exit selection mode.

Region To Selection

Behaviour described above is just one application of a general command region_to_selection. You can see how it is used in Default.sublime-keymap provided by this package.


  • renamed package to "Vintageous - Region To Selection", such that it is loaded after Vintageous, to make keybindings work with vintageous.
  • added key-binding for same scope selection in vintageous (gs, gS)


Kay-Uwe (Kiwi) Lorenz <> (

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