Preferences Editor

This is an editor, which allows you to browse and edit sublime preferences/settings, without writing JSON files (at least in most cases).

Default setting's comment is displayed as help text, if present.

There is an instant preview in current view which changing setting.

Menu Items

Preferences → Edit Settings...
You will get displayed a list of preferences to edit. If you select one, you will be presented the whole set of current preferences for selected view (Preferences, Distraction Free, This View, Some specific Syntax).

Command Palette

Edit Preferences: Edit Settings…
See Preferences → Edit Settings....
Edit Preferences: Edit Settings — All
You can edit a setting selecting it from all settings (Preferences, Distraction Free, Current Syntax, Special Settings, but not all syntax-specific settings).
Edit Preferences: Edit Settings — Preferences
Shortcut to edit Preferences.
Edit Preferences: Edit Settings — Distraction Free
Shortcut to edit Distraction Free Preferences.
Edit Preferences: Edit Settings — Current Syntax
Shortcut to edit Preferences for Current Syntax
Edit Preferences: Edit Settings — Current Project
Shortcut to edit Preferences for Current Project


  • fix accidental setting view preferences to None (thanks to Rahul Ramadas)
  • add support for current project settings
  • fix issue #3 and issue #4: coding error and choking on empty pref file
  • add setting "preferences_editor_loglevel" to set log level (default ERROR)
  • fix wrong stringification of data in input panel
  • fix issue #2: Anaconda uses multiline comments, which were not extracted
  • update setting in quickpanel, after changing it
  • current preferences are now default for syntax specific settings
  • stay in preferences edit menu until quitting explicitly, so you can edit more than one preference in a row.
  • Fix changing lists and dictionaries. Changing lists resulted in a null list.
  • Fix instant preview for text input.
  • Add instant preview in current view. This is cool for e.g. changing color schemes.
  • Preferences → Edit Settings... now presents a list of preferences, which are editable. Here you can edit preferences for different points of view.
  • Add This View to list of editable preferences, which changes preferences for current view. It does not include settings, which are dynamically set by packages.
  • Default for naming current syntax is now "Current Syntax", you can turn on the real syntax name by setting preferences_editor_use_syntax_name to true.
  • Setting type (if it is the default or a setting overridden by user) is not displayed per default anymore. You can turn this advanced setting on by setting preferences_editor_indicate_default_settings to true.
  • There are new commands added to command palette.