Grave accent in LaTeX code-block directive

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davideolianas created an issue


is it possible to ignore the grave accent in LaTeX code-blocks, or code-blocks in general? Consider the following code

+ ``csquotes`` facilita il lavoro con le virgolette, per cui ci permette
  di usare direttamente il simbolo dei secondi. Lo so, non avete capito 
  una mazza, quindi ecco l'esempio

    .. code-block:: latex

        Il metodo ``classico'' per indicare le virgolette funziona
        sempre, tuttavia grazie a csquotes possiamo fare queste
        "belle cose".

This is the output I get with "Sunburst" color theme sunburst-normale.png

Since the grave accents are placed inside a code directive, I would expect them not to be interpreted. Am I wrong?

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  1. FichteFoll

    I came here to report something similar.

    Basically, .. code-block:: directives should be treated the same as the :: blocks in that they represend embedded source.

    For a matter of consistency, I suggest including the source.any.embedded scope or similar in that section's scope name since some people (like me) have a background color definition for source source, text source.


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