RST Bullets read as line blocks -- change default behavior?

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Issue #3 wontfix
scaleanalytics created an issue

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Is there a way to change the default behavior of the rstimproved tab after a bullet? I'd like it to do a 2 space intend instead of a 4 space.

Its causing the interpreter (using pelican) to think the bulletted list is a line block.

I presume this is the case with everyone using this?

Unless, perhaps, their default tab setting is 2 spaces instead of 4.


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  1. Kay-Uwe (Kiwi) Lorenz repo owner

    Hello scaleanalytics,

    I am not sure if I can help. tab_size is only settible per view or per syntax, not per syntax-part. You can set your personal tab_size to 2 (e.g. using Prefenence Editor ;) ).

    Best regards, Kiwi

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