Special highlighting for toctree directive and doc/ref

Issue #5 open
FichteFoll created an issue

It would be nice if references in the toctree as well as :doc: and :ref: roles would do different highlighting for the reference part (in <>).


.. toctree::
   :maxdepth: 2

   Installation <getting_started/install>
   Editing <editing/editing>

:ref:`path <cmd-about-paths>` :doc:`/extensibility/snippets`

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  1. FichteFoll reporter

    Thanks for the quick fixes. I spend some time playing around with https://bitbucket.org/klorenz/syntaxhighlighttools while trying to fix this myself (few days ago) and I really like it so far. Everything you'd need in a syntax seems to be possible and in a centralized place even with an accompanying syntax. I'll need to do some tweaks to the scopes though because the current usage of entitiy.name is not what I'd expect it to be. Will report back with a PR probably.

    Also, did you think about shipping a color scheme that better suits the scope selector needs for rest (text markup in general)? https://sublime.wbond.net/packages/MarkdownEditing does it and it's pretty awesome imo. Maybe you can adapt the scheme there to rst or the scope names.

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