SSL for Linux

I really, really miss the SSL package in Sublime Text and I always used external python installation for doing SSL requests.

For enabling other packages to use SSL, I re-distribute this part of great SFTP Package from Will Bond as single open source licensed package, which is permitted by him according to a post in Sublime Text User Echo.


SSL is only available after this has been loaded. So you must import packages, which need SSL support rather in plugin_loaded() or locally in your functions than globally at start of your plugin.

If you really have to import your packages globally, you can try:

import some_package_using_ssl

def plugin_loaded():
    from imp import reload

(Just an idea, I did not test this)


Reload Package Control after SSL Package is Installed. (If package control did not work anymore, you had to disable SSL, restart and then you could use it.)


Will Bond (

Redistributed by Kay-Uwe (Kiwi) Lorenz <> (

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