Zeroed Configuration (alpha)

This package provides a syntax for putting all configurations of Sublime Text into one file. Syntax is easier and more human friendly (at least from my point of view) than pure JSON.

For now this is mainly addressed to package developers for easy configuration file creation, but it is planned to read per directory .sublime-zconf files, for easy, dynamic Sublime Text extension.

Creation of Static Configurations

If you want to create commands, which can be used by everyone (also those, who have not installed this package), you must not use dynamic elements like

  • variable input
  • inter-process communication
  • zconf variables

Quick Examples

Create a command palette entry "Hello World", a menu item "Hello World" in Tools -> Packages and a build system for source.python scope, running a shell command (sublime-command "exec" is default):

Hello World :: Tools -> Packages -> Hello World :: <source.python> ::
        echo "Hello World"

Please see Example.sublime-zconf for a more complete example.


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