Building `tmLang.tmLang` fails (and so do others)

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FichteFoll created an issue

So, I had this package installed for a while and decided to finally hack on your restructured Text Improved syntax, but was unsatisfied with the chosen scopes for the tmLang syntax. I then tried to hack on tmLang.tmLang build apparently it doesn't build at all.

I get the following error with the unmodified tmLang bundled in this repo, which I assume to be "working":

running function transform

Syntax Error in file 'tmLang.tmLang' at line 1 at position 1: Syntax error: Expected rule set repository
[function: transform]
[kargs: {'format': 'plist',
 'infile': 'C:\\Users\\Fichte\\AppData\\Roaming\\Sublime Text 3\\Packages\\SyntaxHighlightTools\\tmLang.tmLang',
 'outfile': None}]
[Finished in 0.0s]

Windows7, ST3 3066

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