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Hi, I cannot understand how I can do the following things on Hist2D: 1) put titles on image and axes as in Hist 2) plot the Hist2D as a normal scatter plot (no boxes) 3) have the bins with 0 entries plotted with white instead of the lowest color in the map Thank you!

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  1. Jeff Klukas
    • changed status to open

    It looks like you've hit on 3 things that I have not yet implemented. Some of these things may be possible by passing extra keyword arguments to the plotting commands. These arguments will be passed on to the relevant matplotlib command as described in the docstring for each method.

    For including titles, you can for the time being directly use plt.title() or fig.set_title(), etc. to add labels by hand.

    If I get some development time, I will try to look at these issues and include some fixes.

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