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Issue #19 resolved

Rootlogon files processed twice

Anonymous created an issue

Dear Jeff,

First of all thanks for writing and maintaining this very nice package.

The below is not a very serious issue, it just annoys me a bit. If a user has a rootlogon.C files somewhere it will be executed twice: once by ROOT itself and once by rootplot/core.py.

You can easily reproduce this by creating a ~/.rootlogon.C file with a printout in it and in Python doing: import rootplot.root2matplotlib

Best regards, Jeroen Hegeman

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  1. Jeff Klukas repo owner
    • changed status to open

    What versions of rootplot and ROOT are you using? I just tested this, and it looks like it's working correctly for me.

    I created the following rootlogon.C in the current directory:

      cout << "Loading" << endl;

    And got the output only once in the python session:

    >>> import rootplot.root2matplotlib
  2. Jeff Klukas repo owner

    Actually, it looks like Jeroen was right. The call is necessary for a rootlogon.C in the current directory, but not for a /.rootlogon.C. I removed that call.

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