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Issue #22 resolved

Bug: list index out of range

created an issue

I am getting the following error



$ rootplotmpl rootplotmpl_Eff_config.py --ratio-split=1 -m --title="Efficiency of photon Iso ID" -e pdf --ymin=0.55 --ymax=1.0


File "/Users/michaelanderson/Documents/Work/rootplot/lib/rootplot/core.py", line 1200, in plot_hists_mpl plot_ratio_mpl(objects['axes'][1], hists, options) File "/Users/michaelanderson/Documents/Work/rootplot/lib/rootplot/core.py", line 1528, in plot_ratio_mpl ratio_index)): File "/Users/michaelanderson/Documents/Work/rootplot/lib/rootplot/core.py", line 1474, in make_ratio_hists ratios = [hist.divide(denom) for hist in hists] File "/Users/michaelanderson/Documents/Work/rootplot/lib/rootplot/utilities.py", line 276, in divide if denominator[i] == 0 or self[i] == 0: File "/Users/michaelanderson/Documents/Work/rootplot/lib/rootplot/utilities.py", line 183, in getitem return self.y[index] IndexError: list index out of range }}}

I have attached the config file and the root file that can trigger this.

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  1. Jeff Klukas repo owner

    You were attempting to divide histograms with different numbers of bins. I have added a new check in Hist.divide that raises a descriptive error when this happens.

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