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The situation:

It might be nice to be able to overlay differently named histograms from different files.

In my imagination, we could specify targets like:

"fileA.root:dirA/hist0" "fileA.root:dirA/hist1" "fileB.root:dirA/hist1", etc...

A combination of the current "filenames" and "targets" lists. Perhaps targets could be a list of tuples:

targets = [("fileA.root","dirA/hist0"), ("fileA.root","dirA/hist1"),...]

My reason for this:

I have a file of histograms that comes from MC, it has both GEN and RECO level plots. Then I have another file of histograms which contain "unfolded" RECO level plots.

I'd like to overlay those 3 things, but how?

I guess one would have to split the first file into two madgraph_gen.root madgraph_rec.root ?

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  1. Jeff Klukas repo owner
    • changed status to open

    You are correct that currently it is only possible to achieve this by breaking your first file into two separate files, so that all three files have the same structure. This is something I'd like to address in the next major release of rootplot.

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