fx2lib / CHANGELOG

Full commit
 * Change I2C routines to return FALSE intead of infinite loop possibility.
 * Addition of fx2load script to load eeprom information.
 * EEprom upload/download example.
 * New SETUP_TYPE macro
 * Removed printfs from setupdat module.
 * Add usb "other speed" descriptor handling to setupdat
 * Support for usb suspend/wakeup
 * Enhanced renumerate macro to handle properly when loading from eeprom
 * Addition of framework files.  Allows quick starting of new firmware projects.
 * ihx2iic helper script.  Allows easy converting of ihx files to iic for 
   loading to eeprom.
 * New GPIF macros to set TC with 16 or 32 bit values.
 * Addtional enable/disable macros for endpoint interrupts.
 * Additional ep0 utilities (writeep0)
 * Additional i2c write functionality for i2c parts requiring different
   address width's or even no address data.
 * Correct fx2 register documentation.
 * Addition of serial io example.
 * Added cancel_i2c_trans extern bool to allow canceling a blocked i2c transaction.
 * FX1 development board debug light addresses.
 * Various other minor bug fixes/optimizations.
 * remove usbjt.h.  In place, use autovector.h.  jump table routines no longer
   need defined in your firmware.  fx2.lib contains default routines.  Override 
   them with interrupt handlers you want to handle.
 * added fx2ints.h.  Interrupt numbers/macros for standard fx2 interrupts.
 * added timer example
 * Moved examples and firmwware framework to use common lib/ Makefile. can be easily adapted for any firmware project.

 * Initial Release.