Daniel Blankenberg committed cddcdad

Update for wavelet variance tool contributed by Erika Kvikstad.

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 	# turn off diagnostics for de-bugging only, turn back on for functional tests on test
-	require(\"Rwave\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE);
-	require(\"wavethresh\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE);
-	require(\"waveslim\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE);
-	require(\"bitops\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE);
+	suppressMessages(require(\"Rwave\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE));
+	suppressMessages(require(\"wavethresh\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE));
+	suppressMessages(require(\"waveslim\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE));
+	suppressMessages(require(\"bitops\",quietly=TRUE,warn.conflicts = FALSE));
 	# to determine if data is properly formatted 2^N observations
 	is.power2<- function(x){x && !(bitAnd(x,x - 1));}
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