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<tool id="qual_stats_boxplot" name="Boxplot" version="1.0.0">
  <description>of quality statistics</description>
  <command>gnuplot &lt; '$gnuplot_commands' 2&gt;&amp;1 || echo "Error running gnuplot." >&amp;2</command>
    <requirement type="binary" version="gnuplot 4.2 patchlevel 2">gnuplot</requirement>
    <param name="input_file" type="data" format="tabular" label="Quality Statistics File"/>
    <param name="title" type="text" value="Box plot in Galaxy" label="Title for plot" size="50"/>
    <param name="graph_size" type="text" value="2048,768" label="Dimensions of Graph"/>
    <param name="xlabel" type="text" value="X Axis Label" label="X axis label" size="50"/>
    <param name="ylabel" type="text" value="Score Value" label="Y axis label" size="50"/>
    <param name="xcol" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for X axis position" default_value="1" help="A unique number; c1 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <param name="q1col" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for Q1" default_value="7" help="c7 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <param name="medcol" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for Median" default_value="8" help="c8 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <param name="q3col" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for Q3" default_value="9" help="c9 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <param name="lwcol" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for left whisker" default_value="11" help="c11 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <param name="rwcol" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for right whisker" default_value="12" help="c12 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
    <conditional name="use_outliers">
      <param name="use_outliers_type" type="select" label="Plot Outliers">
        <option value="use_outliers" selected="true">Plot Outliers</option>
        <option value="dont_use_outliers">Don't Plot Outliers</option>
      <when value="use_outliers">
        <param name="outliercol" type="data_column" data_ref="input_file" label="Column for Outliers" default_value="13" help="c13 if plotting output of FASTQ summary"/>
      <when value="dont_use_outliers">
    <configfile name="gnuplot_commands">
set output '$output_file'
set term png size ${graph_size}
set boxwidth 0.8 
set key right tmargin
set xlabel "${xlabel}"
set ylabel "${ylabel}"
set title  "${title}"
set xtics 1 
set ytics 1
set grid ytics
set offsets 1, 1, 1, 1
plot '${input_file}' using ${xcol}:${q1col}:${lwcol}:${rwcol}:${q3col} with candlesticks lt 1  lw 1 title 'Quartiles' whiskerbars, \
      ''         using ${xcol}:${medcol}:${medcol}:${medcol}:${medcol} with candlesticks lt -1 lw 2 title 'Medians'\
#if str( $use_outliers['use_outliers_type'] ) == 'use_outliers':
,      "&lt; python -c \"for xval, yvals in [ ( fields[${xcol} - 1], fields[${use_outliers['outliercol']} - 1].split( ',' ) ) for fields in [ line.rstrip( '\\n\\r' ).split( '\\t' ) for line in open( '${input_file}' ) if not line.startswith( '#' ) ] if len( fields ) &gt; max( ${xcol} - 1, ${use_outliers['outliercol']} - 1 ) ]: print '\\n'.join( [ '%s\\t%s' % ( xval, yval ) for yval in yvals if yval ] )\"" using 1:2 with points pt 29 title 'Outliers'
#end if
    <data name="output_file" format="png" />
      <param name="input_file" value="fastq_stats_1_out.tabular" ftype="tabular" />
      <param name="title" value="Boxplot of Summary Statistics for Sanger Reads" />
      <param name="graph_size" value="2048,768" />
      <param name="xlabel" value="Read Column" />
      <param name="ylabel" value="Quality Score Value" />
      <param name="xcol" value="1" />
      <param name="q1col" value="7" />
      <param name="medcol" value="8" />
      <param name="q3col" value="9" />
      <param name="lwcol" value="11" />
      <param name="rwcol" value="12" />
      <param name="use_outliers_type" value="use_outliers" />
      <param name="outliercol" value="13" />
      <output name="output_file" file="boxplot_summary_statistics_out.png" />

**What it does**

Creates a boxplot graph. Its main purpose is to display a distribution of quality scores produced by *NGS: QC and maniupulation -> FASTQ Summary Statistics* tool.

.. class:: warningmark

**TIP:** If you want to display a distribution of quality scores produced by *NGS: QC and maniupulation -> FASTQ Summary Statistics* and the column assignments within the tool's interface are not automatically set (they will all read "c1" in that case) set columns manually to the following values::

  Column for X axis           c1
  Column for Q1               c7
  Column for Median           c8
  Column for Q3               c9
  Column for left whisker     c11
  Column for right whisker    c12
  Column for Outliers         c13


**Output Example**

* Black horizontal lines are medians
* Rectangular red boxes show the Inter-quartile Range (IQR) (top value is Q3, bottom value is Q1)
* Whiskers show outliers at max. 1.5*IQR

.. image:: ./static/images/solid_qual.png



If you use this tool, please cite `Blankenberg D, Gordon A, Von Kuster G, Coraor N, Taylor J, Nekrutenko A; Galaxy Team. Manipulation of FASTQ data with Galaxy. Bioinformatics. 2010 Jul 15;26(14):1783-5. &lt;;`_