is not installed

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Scott Logan created an issue

The following installed executables are linked against

  • /opt/ros/jade/lib/

  • /opt/ros/jade/lib/ueye/camera

  • /opt/ros/jade/lib/ueye/framerate

  • /opt/ros/jade/lib/ueye/stereo

However, is not installed, so these executables can not function. Either the above executables should be removed from installation, or should be marked for installation.

This makes installing ueye and ueye_cam impossible via RPMs for Fedora.



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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck repo owner

    The above executables are all of the executables, so removing them is not an option. is a closed source library provided by the camera manufacture. If a version is not found on the system in the build process, a temporary version is downloaded for linking purposes.

    Simply installing with the ROS package is not enough. The manufacture install script adds udev rules and starts a daemon in the background. Nothing will function without the manufacture install.

    Furthermore, installing a copy of with the ROS package can be harmful. The library may be a different version than the user has installed on their computer, which may lead to problems communicating with the daemon. The ROS driver will also report zero connected cameras if the daemon is not installed, making it look like the driver is functioning and cameras are having problems.

  2. Scott Logan reporter

    Hmm, this is a pretty unique situation. If I understand correctly, then, this package has an "unlisted" dependency that the system have installed from the manufacturer's package.

    If this is the case, then we'll need to suppress the automatic generation of shared object dependencies in the RPM build for this package (a system designed without this use case in mind). I'll open a PR against ueye-release that does so. It would be nice if this information was in the package.xml or the wiki page for this package. It is the only package with such a requirement that I know of.



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