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The zoom option which i assume is used for sub-sampling seems to not produce the desired result.

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  1. Kevin Hallenbeck repo owner

    Can you give me more information.

    What is happening? What camera are you using? Does the camera support binning or subsampling or both? Can you get the desired result with the sample ueye software? Run ueyecameramanager from the command line.

    One of my cameras changes to a purpleish grey color with binning enabled. It does this in ROS and in the ueye demo software.

    The zoom parameter tries to enable subsampling. If that fails, it tries to enable binning. If neither is supported, zoom gets set back to 1.

    All parameters that are not supported are reset in dynamic_reconfigure.

    I committed new code about an hour ago. This didn't modify the zoom, but make sure you have the latest.

  2. Former user Account Deleted

    hi i check wth uyecameramanager and it works fine. I rechecked. The slider for the zoom does not work. but when i enter a number it works. My camera implements both binning and subsampling.

  3. Kevin Hallenbeck repo owner

    This is an issue with the rqt dynamic reconfigure gui in Groovy and Hydro. This issue is not present in Indigo.

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