Merge features from other uEye-related ROS package

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Isaac Saito created an issue

Following @kmhallen's offering at this thread in ros-users, I suggest to borrow this repository to start discussion about unifying features that are distributed over 4 ROS uEye packages.

@anqixu sent me offline:

I think that's a great idea, so I would like to follow up briefly on that. After briefly
browsing through all the codebases, I believe that currently ueye_cam supports
a few more camera parameters and hardware external triggering (for multi-camera
synchronization), whereas ueyecamera provides useful dedicated classes for stereo
camera and flash support, iri_ueye_camera allows for left-right and up-down flipping
of images, and I believe that ueyecamera's functionalities are subsumed by the above.
Please specify any specifics / functionalities that I missed.

Although I don't think I get involved in the coding of the unified package, I'm eager to contribute to testing whenever it's needed (though every time I have to ask my collaborator to use the robot that has uEye cam).

Please note, with a risk of sounding contradictory, that I'm not forcing multiple packages with similar features to merge into a single package (if I was doing so, that would be a very good counter example of opensource advocate). It's just I would appreciate as a user that a single package that comes with the most complete set of features.

Thanks, Isaac

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  1. Isaac Saito reporter

    @kmhallen is there any work in progress to merge multiple ROS packages? If not I'm about to start doing it (related here).

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