Mikhail Korobov committed 21752ae

bug with empty dawgs is fixed

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         base_size = struct.unpack(str("=I"),[0]
         self._units = bytearray(*2))
+    def size(self):
+        return len(self._units) if self._units is not None else 0
 class Completer(object):
     def start(self, index, prefix=b""):
         self.key = bytearray(prefix)
-        self._index_stack = [index]
-        self._last_index = self._dic.root()
+        if self._guide.size():
+            self._index_stack = [index]
+            self._last_index = self._dic.root()
+        else:
+            self._index_stack = []
     def next(self):
         "Gets the next key"
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         with pytest.raises(Exception) as e:
+    def test_empty_dawg(self):
+        d = dawg_python.CompletionDAWG().load(data_path('small', 'completion-empty.dawg'))
+        assert d.keys() == []
     def test_prefixes(self):
         d = self.dawg()
         assert d.prefixes("foobarz") == ["f", "foo", "foobar"]
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