Mikhail Korobov avatar Mikhail Korobov committed b37a582

replace bytearray hack with 'int_from_byte' hack because it is slightly faster under pypy

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+import sys
+PY3 = sys.version_info[0] == 3
+if PY3:
+    def int_from_byte(b):
+        return b
+    int_from_byte = ord


 from binascii import a2b_base64
 from . import wrapper
+from .compat import int_from_byte
 class DAWG(object):
         pos = 1
-        for ch in bytearray(key):
-            index = self.dct.follow_char(ch, index)
+        for ch in key:
+            index = self.dct.follow_char(int_from_byte(ch), index)
             if not index:


 import array
 from . import units
+from .compat import int_from_byte
 class Dictionary(object):
     def follow_bytes(self, s, index):
         "Follows transitions."
-        for ch in bytearray(s):
-            index = self.follow_char(ch, index)
+        for ch in s:
+            index = self.follow_char(int_from_byte(ch), index)
             if index is None:
                 return None
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