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updated benchmark results; bump version

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+0.5.3 (2013-01-03)
+- small improvements to ``.compile_replaces`` method;
+- benchmarks for ``.similar_items`` method;
+- the extension is rebuilt with Cython pre-0.18; this made
+  ``.prefixes`` and ``.iterprefixes`` methods faster
+  (up to 6x in some cases).
 0.5.2 (2013-01-02)
     RecordDAWG __contains__ (misses)  5.418M ops/sec
     IntDAWG __contains__ (misses)     5.563M ops/sec
+    DAWG.similar_keys  (no replaces)  0.595M ops/sec
+    DAWG.similar_keys  (l33t)         0.496M ops/sec
     dict items()                      56.471 ops/sec
     DAWG items()                      not supported
     BytesDAWG items()                 16.129 ops/sec
     RecordDAWG keys()                 23.504 ops/sec
     IntDAWG keys()                    not supported
-    DAWG.prefixes (hits)              0.242M ops/sec
-    DAWG.prefixes (mixed)             1.627M ops/sec
-    DAWG.prefixes (misses)            2.890M ops/sec
-    DAWG.iterprefixes (hits)          0.159M ops/sec
-    DAWG.iterprefixes (mixed)         0.457M ops/sec
-    DAWG.iterprefixes (misses)        0.523M ops/sec
+    DAWG.prefixes (hits)              1.574M ops/sec
+    DAWG.prefixes (mixed)             4.238M ops/sec
+    DAWG.prefixes (misses)            3.833M ops/sec
+    DAWG.iterprefixes (hits)          0.485M ops/sec
+    DAWG.iterprefixes (mixed)         0.625M ops/sec
+    DAWG.iterprefixes (misses)        0.612M ops/sec
     RecordDAWG.keys(prefix="xxx"), avg_len(res)==415        5.826K ops/sec
     RecordDAWG.keys(prefix="xxxxx"), avg_len(res)==17       128.452K ops/sec
-    version="0.5.2",
+    version="0.5.3",
     description="Fast and memory efficient DAWG for Python",
     long_description = read_utf8_file('README.rst') + read_utf8_file('CHANGES.rst'),
     author='Mikhail Korobov',