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This app provides django-admin-tools dashboard modules with user registration stats/charts.

The license is MIT.


Make sure django-admin-tools >= 0.4.0 is installed and then

pip install "django-qsstats-magic >= 0.6.1"
pip install "python-dateutil==1.5"
pip install "django-chart-tools >= 0.2.1"
pip install django-admin-user-stats

Then add 'admin_user_stats' and 'chart_tools' to INSTALLED_APPS.


Import RegistrationCharts dashboard module:

from admin_user_stats.modules import RegistrationCharts

then and add it to dashboard's children:

self.children += [RegistrationCharts()]

go to admin and enjoy the result.



Dashboard module with user registration charts (new users per day, week or month).

To enable, import it:

from admin_user_stats.modules import RegistrationChart

and add to dashboard's children (or to modules.Group):

self.children += [RegistrationChart('New Users', interval='days', days=30)]


Group subclass with 3 default children modules (new users per day, per week and per month).

Advanced Usage

New BaseChart(s) abstract modules are there for you to play with. Want to track kitten activity?


To build charts for other time-series data, inherit from BaseChart and set a few attributes:

from admin_user_stats.base_modules import BaseChart
from kitten.models import Activity

class ActivityChart(BaseChart):
    Dashboard module with Activity charts.
    title = _('How Active were the kittens')
    template = 'admin_user_stats/modules/chart.html'
    chart_size = "580x100"
    days = None
    interval = 'days'
    queryset = Activity.objects.filter(kitten=True).exclude(active=None)
    date_field = 'activity_date'


To collect those charts in to the normal Day,Week,Month tabs:

from admin_user_stats.base_modules import BaseChart

class ApplicationCharts(BaseCharts):
    """ Group module with 3 default registration charts """
    title = _('Kitten Activity')
    chart_model = ActivityChart


Development of django-admin-user-stats happens at Bitbucket and Github:

If you don’t like Bitbucket, Github, Mercurial and Git you’re welcome to send regular patches.

Bug tracker:

Recent activity

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