Mads Sülau Valstorp Jørgensen committed c3f9b84

Fixed whitespace replacing tabs, added regression test

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 def prepare_chart(input, attr=''):
     # remove whitespaces
-    input_lines = input.replace(' ', '').splitlines()
+    input_lines = input.replace(' ', '').replace('\t', '').splitlines()
     # build url
     lines = []


     def test_cleaned_chart(self):
+class RegressionTest(TestCase):
+    def test_tab_as_whitespace(self):
+        chart_input = FIXTURES['cleaned_up'].replace(" ", "\t")
+        self.assertFalse(chart_input.find("\t") == -1)
+        chart_img = prepare_chart(chart_input)
+        self.assertTrue(chart_img.find("\t") == -1)
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