Mikhail Korobov avatar Mikhail Korobov committed a206cdd

Fixed packaging: setup.py is now executable, static files are included in distribution + django.contrib.staticfiles support is added

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+recursive-include colour_field/static *.css
+recursive-include colour_field/static *.js
+recursive-include colour_field/static *.png


+# hello, django.contrib.staticfiles!
+#!/usr/bin/env python
 from setuptools import setup
     url = "http://bitbucket.org/schinckel/django-colour-field/",
     author = "Matthew Schinckel",
     author_email = "matt@schinckel.net",
-    packages = [
-        "colour_field",
-    ],
+    packages = ["colour_field"],
+    include_package_data = True,
+    zip_safe=False,
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