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         total_excluded += m_vars.excluded_count
         total_stmts += len(m_vars.stmts)
     module_stats = os.linesep.join(module_stats)
-    overall_covered = float(total_executed)/total_stmts*100
+    if total_stmts:
+        overall_covered = float(total_executed)/total_stmts*100
+    else:
+        overall_covered = 0.0
     m_names = modules.keys()


             packages[m_name] = module
 def prune_dirs(root, dirs, exclude_dirs):
-    _dirs = [os.path.join(root, d) for d in dirs]
-    for i, p in enumerate(_dirs):
-        for e in exclude_dirs:
-            if, p):
-                del dirs[i]
+    regexes = [re.compile(exclude_dir) for exclude_dir in exclude_dirs]
+    for path, dir_ in [(os.path.join(root, dir_), dir_) for dir_ in dirs]:
+        for regex in regexes:
+            if
+                dirs.remove(dir_)
 def _get_all_packages(pkg_name, pkg, blacklist, exclude_dirs):
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