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  1. Adrián López Calvo

I had to make some global changes in the coverage API calls as explained in my comment to #13.

It only works with command line and non-custom html exports. I added some conditionals to the setting to cover this.

This is my first contribution via mercurial so apologies if it isn't the proper way to make a pull request. I mimicked the usual git workflow.

Comments (5)

    1. Adrián López Calvo author

      I have the changes ready but I had also changed this line in my local repo to:

      for label in test_labels:
          label = label.split('.')[0].rstrip('/')  # ignore trailing slash from bash command line folder auto complete

      I think it is consistent with ./manage.py test because without this change django runs the tests just fine (leaving the trailing slash) and then the coverage results crash.

      Please, confirm if you agree on this as well and I'll update my pull request with or without reverting that line.

  1. Mikhail Korobov repo owner

    Sorry for a long delay again! There are now merge conflicts, and I don't have much time for django-coverage indeed. I gave you commit rights, so feel free to fix conflicts and merge your changes. I can make a release then.

    The repo is maintained using bost hg and git. I use hg-git personally; but if this an issue then ping me to push changes from hg to git or other way around.