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Use defaults.

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 from django import template
 from django.template.loader import render_to_string
 from easy_maps.models import Address
+from django.conf import settings
 register = template.Library()
             address = self.address.resolve(context)
             template_name = self.template_name.resolve(context)
-            map, _ = Address.objects.get_or_create(address=address or '')
+            map = None
+            if address == '':
+                map = Address(latitude=settings.EASY_MAPS_CENTER[0], longitude=settings.EASY_MAPS_CENTER[1])
+            else:
+                map, _ = Address.objects.get_or_create(address=address)
                 'map': map,
                 'width': self.width,


 #    'devserver',
+EASY_MAPS_CENTER = (45.0677201, 7.6825531)
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