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hi. I installed easy map but I can't see the address preview in admin. am i missed something? my is:

from django import forms

from django.contrib import admin

from easy_maps.widgets import AddressWithMapWidget

from .models import Address

class AddressAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):

class form(forms.ModelForm):

    class Meta:

        widgets = {

            'address': AddressWithMapWidget({'class': 'vTextField'})

        }, AddressAdmin)

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  1. Sivan Greenberg

    Hi MIkhail, this is rather cool and amazing, what would be the preferred way by you to add address preview before saving an address? this is a feature I really need, don't mind iumplementing it with you guidance :)

  2. Sam Stoelinga

    I also didn't get to see anything after enabling the field, the problem is that the geocoder returns an error because it doesn't know the address.

    My understanding was that using the admin I could manually correct the address, but this doesn't seem the case right? Any chance to get these in? Else I may work on this.

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