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 django-fab-deploy is a collection of Fabric scripts for deploying and
 managing django projects on Debian/Ubuntu servers. License is MIT.
-Please read the `docs <>`_
+Please read the `docs <>`_
 for more info.
-* Mikhail Korobov (primary author)
-* Andrey Rahmatullin (mysql install script)
-* Den Ivanov (python 2.5 compatibility)
+* Mikhail Korobov (primary author);
+* Andrey Rahmatullin (mysql install script);
+* Den Ivanov (python 2.5 compatibility);
 * Vladimir Mihailenco (git support, support for custom project layouts,
-  imports overhaul, etc.)
+  imports overhaul, etc.);
+* Ruslan Popov.