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Mikhail Korobov  committed 4dfe8e1

Remove default empty values for _project_path and _remote_project_path because they are not used and it may be confusing that without params these functions will return env.conf variables but with slash appended. _project_path is switched back to os.path.join because it is used to calculate local paths. Logic duplication for calculating env.conf.PROJECT_DIR is eliminated in _remote_project_path.

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File fab_deploy/deploy.py

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     """ Updates :file:`config.py` on server (using :file:`config.server.py`) """
-        utils._remote_project_path(env.conf.LOCAL_CONFIG), env.conf, True
+        utils._remote_project_path(env.conf.LOCAL_CONFIG),
+        env.conf, True
     if restart:

File fab_deploy/utils.py

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 from fabric import network
-__all__ = ['run_as', 'update_env', 'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv', 'delete_pyc', 'print_env',
-           'detect_os']
+__all__ = ['run_as', 'update_env', 'inside_project', 'inside_virtualenv',
+           'delete_pyc', 'print_env', 'detect_os']
 def _codename(distname, version, id):
     patterns = [
     """Return the path to a data file of ours."""
     return os.path.join(os.path.split(__file__)[0], fname)
-def _project_path(name=''):
-    return posixpath.join(env.conf.PROJECT_PATH, name)
+def _project_path(name):
+    return os.path.join(env.conf.PROJECT_PATH, name)
-def _remote_project_path(name=''):
-    return posixpath.join(env.conf.SRC_DIR, _project_path(name))
+def _remote_project_path(name):
+    return posixpath.join(env.conf.PROJECT_DIR, name)
 def _pip_req_path(name):
     if not name.endswith(('.txt', '.pip',)):