Mikhail Korobov committed 6780855

'./ Foo prepare' is fixed

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     FabDeployTest.vm_name = sys.argv[1]
-    common = [SshTest, MysqlTest, MysqlNonRootTest, BasicTest,
-              PostgresInstallTest, PostgresSetupTest]
+    initial = [SshTest, MysqlTest, BasicTest, PostgresInstallTest]
     suites = {
-        'misc': TestSuite(load(common + [
+        'misc': TestSuite(load(initial + [
                     FastPrepareServerTest, ApacheSetupTest,
-                    PipSetupTest, NoPipSetupTest, CrontabTest
+                    PipSetupTest, NoPipSetupTest, CrontabTest,
+                    MysqlNonRootTest, PostgresSetupTest,
         'deploy': TestSuite(load([
                     DeployTest, CustomLayoutDeployTest, Django14LayoutDeployTest
-        'prepare': TestSuite(load(common + [PrepareServerTest])),
+        'prepare': TestSuite(load(initial + [PrepareServerTest])),
     suites['all'] = TestSuite([suites['misc'], suites['deploy']])
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